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RD-Textures is now Part of
Quixel Megascans

Making our scans more accessible than ever
Highend-Scanned-Surfaces for Computer Graphics

Important information about your RD-Textures Account

We have some exciting news to share: RD-Textures scans are now becoming part of the Quixel Megascans library.
We’re delighted to further our mission of empowering artists by making our scans more accessible than ever.

What does this mean for your purchases?

You still have access to all your purchases and can download them from the RD-Textures website until 3 April 2022. From now onwards you can also access all textures via Quixel Megascans. Object scans will not be available in Megascans so they must be downloaded from RD-Textures before 3 April. You’ll be able to access similar assets for free in the Megascans Library. Check the FAQ for more details.

Existing Customer

Access your downloads at RD-Textures until 3 April 2022
How to access your assets via Quixel Megascans

  • To use Quixel Megascans you’ll need an Epic Games account. You can log in or sign up for a new account at
  • Alternatively, you can sign-up for an Unreal Unlimited plan at no cost in order to access the entire Megascans library. Once you have an Unreal Engine license, just sign in with your Epic Games account and head over to, scroll down and click on "Get Started" to get unlimited access to the Megascans library. You will also have unlimited downloads within Bridge and Mixer, free of cost.
  • We've been sending out a mail with a personalized link that will provide you with access to all RD-Textures and 1000 points so that you can download other Megascans assets as well.
  • For more detailed information feel free to have a read of our FAQs.
  • Thank you for being a part of the journey so far! You can stay in touch with us via and keep in the loop by following Quixel on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn

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