Top 6 Application of Computer Graphics Texture Mapping

Computer graphics have changed the way people see things, design, create art, visualize and market. A mere manipulation of images with CG can achieve so much. Look at video games. They are as realistic and interactive as the real world or very close to it. This has been made possible with computer graphics or CG.

This technology has evolved with time and today, they have reached the level of artificial intelligence where you can create objects, images, or videos to mimic real life actions. CG textures mapping is one of the important components of the technique that makes it possible for the creators to create realistic feel. Whether it’s the movies, Ads, or video games, or even YouTube videos, CG has proved to be a game-changing technology.

CG textures mapping technique is an important aspect of the whole process and is widely used for creating various visual effects.

What is Texture Mapping in Computer Graphics?

CG texture or color mapping is a technique that is used for mapping on a 3D model or surface. Textures are created by repetition of the same element or patterns so that they can look same as the real-life objects. In fact, CG textures are created using the real-life objects and scanning them.

Textures are basically of two types – regular and irregular. Regular textures are created by repeating patterns of circle or square. Whereas, irregular textures are created by changing patterns. They are used for enhancing an image, video, or artwork so that they have better visual appeal. Today, textures are used for realistic rendering for creating objects that look real.

CG textures are used for creating visually appealing images, animation, videos, and artwork. Higher the quality of the scans, higher will be the textures.

Applications of Computer Graphics Texture Mapping

CG texture mapping technique has a wide range of applications. It is used in various industries, for both professional and personal use. Here are some examples of computer graphics applications:

  1. Information Graphics

These are type of graphics that are used for visual representation of things like information, or data. These things need to be simplified as the they are very complex so that they can be explained easily. This includes maps, signs, technical writing, educational information, journalism and more. Computer graphics is now extensively used by computer scientists, statisticians, mathematicians, to simplify the development process. CG is also used for easy communication of conceptual information. Visual representation is easy to understand for people who do have technical knowledge or need an easy way to process complex information.

  1. Computer Aided Design

CAD or Computer Aided Design uses CG textures for creating realistic designs for easy representation of buildings, products design, automobile, machinery and more. Texturing helps in creating realistic design with minute details. The detailing is done with the help of textures. It helps in creating realistic, and accurate drawing or designs for better visualization. CAD is also used for 3D printing. High-quality CG textures ensures that the CAD of a 3D object is more accurate and realistic than anything else. The printed object is same as the 3D representation thanks to the CAD.

  1. Computer Art or Digital Art

Digital art is now used for creating designs for commercial and fine arts. CG textures are used for creating a wide range of digital artwork, such as objects, cartoons, drawings, logo, paint, and more. For many artists, computer graphics helps them create the most realistic designs that can be printed on paper and in 3D form. Recreating real-life designs on computer is easier with the help of CG.

  1. Video Games

Video games are perhaps one of the biggest users of the computer graphics. Today, video games have become more interactive thanks to 3D and Virtual Reality technology. The video game platform is created using the CG textures that can be taken from the real-life objects, such as animals, plants, stones, trees, and more. Texturing helps in creating the most realistic representation of the real objects on digital platforms. CG helps designers and creators to create a digital world that represents the story of the video games. Video games have become a huge industry and has millions of users across the world. Online games have become even more popular thanks to devices like Tablets and Smartphones. People can easily play games on these platforms, which makes accessing these games online easy.

  1. Entertainment Industry

After the video games, it’s the entertainment industry that extensively uses computer graphics for creating visual effects. The entertainment industry uses computer graphics extensively to create visual effects. Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, and Star Wars are some of the examples of CG. Animation movies uses CG to create the most realistic visual effects. Science fiction genre uses computer graphics widely to create realistic or impressive visuals. Things and objects can be added to scenes later on after the shooting to make the whole movie or any video complete.

  1. Marketing and Advertisement

Computer graphics is used for marketing products. The best of CG is that it can be used to create objects that doesn’t exist in the real world. This means, companies can design products for marketing and advertising even before they are created in the real world. This can help reduce waste, cut cost and help companies successfully market their products across the digital platforms. Online stores too use this technique to advertise so that products can be manufactured on order.

The Bottom-line

Computer graphics is one of the best techniques to create objects or designs that look real. Textures help in recreating the real-life objects in 3D form to create the most impressive visual effects.

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