Why is there a normal-map as well as displacement-map in the set?

For some purpose it is not necessary to use displacement that of course needs some performance. Instead of that you can use the normal-map which contains the same depth-information as the displacement.
In combination with the depthmap used for parallax occlusion, you will only see very little difference to the displaced version.

Why my results looks different to your demo-renders? I don’t get the same sharp details.

This is a matter of the setup used for your material. We provide ready-use-materials for cinema4D (octane-render / advanced render / vray for C4D) and we have UE4 versions (normal shaded / parallax occluded / displaced) of all our scans available as seperate products.
For other systems, you have make your own setup.
If you use displacement-shaders based on tesselation, you should take care, that your basemesh is providing enough polygons, so that the tesselation can subdivide to the needed resoulution for sharp and detailed displacements.
You can also try to make a mixture of displacement and bump or normal-map to support the displacement.
For more detailed information, please watch our tutorials or contact us via our support.

Why is my old user-account no more available? I registered at the old shop.

We are working on that and we try to transport all userdata including the links for purchased products into our new shop.

I need some special scans, that are not in your product list. Do you provide exclusive materials?

Yes of course. You can hire us for scan-jobs. Therefor we offer two types of deal:
– the material in non-exclusive and we can sell it in our shop. In this case we will share the production-cost 50/50
– the material has to be exclusive for you. In this case you have to carry the whole production cost which is round 2k€

Depending on the loctaion, we need round 5 days for the production of a single asset in our usual quality.

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