License Information

Licensing conditions

The use of the textures is effected by means of default licensing. Before you choose your product, please pick one of the following license models:

individual license

This license permits an single individual to use the products (textures) and is particularly suitable for freelance collaborators, sole proprietors and hobbyists.

company license (/ site license)

This model enables an unlimited amount of users within a company or a location (address, building, campus,.. ) to access and use the products (textures).

Terms of use


Licensed content may be stored on local hard disc as well as local network storage, considering it doesn’t enable third parties outside of the license agreement to access the data (as mentioned above).
Use All licensed contents may be used commercially (3D-rendering, illustrations, real-time applications, image processing).
Schindelar 3D-Design e.U., Real-Displacement-Textures won’t claim any altered works.
No additional fees will be charged and there are no further terms or regulations.
Only the passing on licensed contents is subject to certain limitations (as mentioned above).

Passing on data

Passing on licensed content in digital form is only permitted in accordance to following terms:


original, unaltered textures with a resolution up to 1k (such as 1024px x 1024px), may only be passed on as part of other primary contents and solely in JPEG-format (f.i. 3D-models, software, tutorials etc.).
material data:

(such as .lib-, .c4d-Dateien) may be passed on without limitation, the corresponding textures however are subject to their own restrictions (as mentioned above).
all other content may be passed on without restrictions, if not labeled otherwise.