Shipping & Delivery

1) Upon conclusion of the sales contract and the receipt of payment by the Licenser, the Licensee will receive a link enabling him to download the product within the members area.
2) The Licensee can execute the download immediately, without waiting for his cancellation right to expire. Upon performing the download, the Licensee’s right to cancellation expires. Before downloading the item (s), the Licensee must check a box by which he indicates his agreement to immediate expiry of his right of cancellation.
3) The Licenser is not obliged to supply the Licensee with the option of a further download of a product that has been downloaded. If the Licenser agrees to supply a renewed download, he does so as a strictly facultative additional service that he may restrict or cancel at any time. The supply, or refusal to a supply, a further download option does not affect the Licensee’s warranty.
4) Should the members’ area not be accessible owing to technical problems or maintenance, the Licenser will take all measures necessary to ensure rapid processing and recovery.